On September 30th, These Monsters release The Swamp / The Dogs as a double A-side 7" single through the totally wonderful Too Pure records.

You can stream both tracks below and hear for yourselves how the band have evolved from an expansive (not really post) rock band, through a phase as a ridiculously loud screaming riff monster, into what appears to be a rock band destined for big places. Or at least destined to have a fucking great time on the way to big places to realise that the big place is full of people only worth mocking and making their own party outside regardless.

I saw These Monsters justify the bullshit journalistic phrase "tear apart the room" in some shitty bar in Ipswich years ago. My drunk mind couldn't comprehend it fully. It was so fucking primal. They played a riff back and forth with a steady uninterrupted rhythm until it was so loud and gutteral that all rational thought was lost beyond hope. All the pieces had to be picked off the floor and rearranged into shapes of our own making. My drunken fury encapsulated in song. In a feeling. The thing is, they haven't lost that, even after swapping eight minute songs with sax solos for 4 minute rock songs with genuine singing. There's still that feeling, listening to it loud, that's like screaming free into the abyss blind from booze. They capture that, and you need that in your life. So take notice.

You can (and should) watch These Monsters play these shows:

  • 20th Sept - London, Old Blue Last (Free entry)
  • 24th Sept - London, AIM Labelled With Love Festival, 229 Venue
  • 5th October - Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall w/ Wet Nuns
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