"Storytelling music with the aim to take you on a journey," is precisely how Nottingham-based singer/songwriter duo These Your Children describe their music, a feat proven successful as debut lead single 'Set A Fire,' blazes passionately with heartfelt melodies and thoughtful narratives that rise and interlace with whirling traces of African freedom hymns.

Rebeka Prance and Joe Baxter, childhood friends, are the polarizing talents making up the brilliant musical pair. They're both students of music, with degrees in their respected crafts, and are currently anticipating the release of their forthcoming four-track EP Fires, out on Nov. 9, which aims to stay true to their intimate vocals by exploring an emotive angle, while showcasing their willingness to experiment with a bolder tribal sound, according to the couple. Until then, immerse yourself in the flames of 'Set a Fire.'