There's a staggering amount of variety in the vocal styles of THESTANDARDS' 'decisions'. There's a guy with a mechanical flow who steers the track's idle-animation-esque backingbeat, one who's up in the higher registers hand in hand with piercingly high falsetto, and another who sounds part robot and part André 3000 (so basically he's all parts André 3000).

There's not much information out there on THESTANDARD yet, but they seem to be a Saint Paul, MN-based quartet comprised of SpookyBlack, Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and Psymun. The four artists take their time and move at their own pace even on a two minute track, but they're not just waiting in the wings readying their own lines, they're complement each other at every turn, and it makes every second of 'decisions' seem vital.

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