The digital trills of Thief's 'Closer' become bright strikes of marimba in this Weird Together remix. The original was already full of life, but this reimagining is organic. It ends with a relentless, animated drum loop that's thankfully given a long fade out, and I think I know why. Thief and Weird Together want people to drop another track over it, to seamlessly keep the party going.

Check out Thief's tour dates below.

  • Los Angeles
  • 3/9: The Aussie BBQ @ Bootleg HIFI - 5:30PM

  • SXSW - Austin
  • 3/11: Soundgallery @ BD Rileys on 6th St - 1.20PM
  • 3/12: Sexpop @ Firehouse Hostel and Lounge - 7PM
  • 3/14: VITAL by Vitalic Noise @ Empire Auto - 1PM
  • 3/15: The Green Room @ The Brew Exchange - 1:30PM
  • 3/15: The Aussie BBQ Cont... @ Maggie Maes - 10PM

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