First things first: sincere apologies to Nordic singer-songwriter, Kine Hjeldnes, who has actually been "knocking around" for well over a year but, in what can only be described as unwarranted remissness, we've literally just become alert to her charms, thanks to a new single she chucked online earlier this month.

Admirers of established facts should note that Hjeldnes, a self-taught musician from Skien, released her debut EP, Elude, last year. It was a dramatic, piano-reliant trio of songs which really came to its own on the thundering 'Undress', where the production and vocals paid homage to fellow-Norwegian and one of Hjeldnes's faves, Susanne Sundfør.

But it's her latest release, 'Lovers', which really grabs the bull by the horns and establishes her style. An electronic pop trembler with a self-assured chorus and an instant grab, the song's lyrics betray a dark twist: "Illusive lovers, we are drowning fireflies /Pumping blood and hollow eyes," Hjeldnes sings and the beats are pumping away alongside.

"I've been listening to a lot of traditional Japanese and Chinese music," Hjeldnes told The 405 this week. "I think it's very beautiful and calming. I was seeking inspiration in other places than before, because I felt like I was stuck writing the same song over and over. I used to write all my songs on the piano before we made an arrangement and 'Lovers' became a song during that process."

It's a song which she describes as being about wanting to let go and being able to enjoy what's happening right here and right now. She sings: "I want to bleed out / I want to forget / I want to move" with the word "forget" repeated again and again during the chorus.

Hjeldnes worked on 'Lovers' with a chap called Even Sarucco. "When Even and I work together it usually starts with me sending him an idea," she says. "And then we build it up piece by piece sending it back and forth. We tried out a lot of different stuff until we felt satisfied. Or, at least, as satisfied as we thought we could get. It's very hard to let go of a song. The moment I let it into the world I regret it."

When we asked how she felt her sound has progressed since Elude, Hjeldnes explained: "I know more about production and arrangements and I've been able to work with it for a whole year. I guess I'm just closer to how I want these kind of songs to sound like. Some of the songs I'm working on now have a more strict structure, which brings them closer to pop. You can also dance to a lot of my new songs. It's still a mix of electronic and acoustic, but maybe a little bit more electronic now. I'm very inspired by disco and the '80s."

There's an album in the pipeline and 'Lovers' is reason enough for the invention of pre-orders.