There is a new Saint Saviour album just around the corner and it's called In The Seams, which is actually a very good title for an album. You may have heard the introductory track from it, 'I Remember', a few weeks ago and if you liked the ballady goodness it served in high quota then its follow up, the proper album-heralding 'Let It Go', should send you clicking the download button at exemplary speed.

The song starts off with a simple piano line and Becky Jones's new voice, which is - for the avoidance of doubt - not to be confused with the old Becky Jones voice you may have grown accustomed to from her debut album. It's a fragile, tiny, gentle, often high vocal and it's beautiful. We get some drums in the second verse and it all becomes very hum-along-won't-you by the time the chorus arrives again with some jolly string accompaniment.

As all good, self-respecting ballads know, they have to erupt into a crescendo for the middle-8 because otherwise the listener has every right to feel shat on. Thankfully, there's no risk of that here, as the middle-8 and the lead-up to the song's finale will raise hairs even on the arms of the most cold-hearted sceptics.

The video, which was shot in Seaton, stars two young lovers spontaneously combusting into dance on the seafront and fits the song perfectly. "Run away with me", Jones sings and it makes you consider putting your joggers on immediately.

In The Seams is out on 3 November on Surface Area.