Pono evangelised it. Tidal makes you think it's the norm. But can normal people with normal hearing actually hear the difference between lossless audio and CD quality sound?

That's what this quiz hosted over at NPR is testing. Each question gives you a snippet of a song in 128kbps, 320kbps and lossless audio (uncompressed .WAV file) – you have to guess which one's the lossless. And I do mean guess.

You can kind of hear it 'Tom's Diner' by Suzanne Vega – perhaps because it's vocals only – but I found the more busy the music, the more impossible it is to spot the difference. You could probably train yourself to more easily spot the difference, but to the literally untrained ear it is impossible to isolate any telltale minutiae that might signal a song's lossless benefits.

Is the extra $10 per month that Tidal insist you pay for the privilege of lossless audio really worth it? You decide.

Check out the quiz here.