Six years after opening shop in Nashville, Jack White's celebrated Third Man Records is coming home.

White, a Detroit native, will be opening the newest branch of Third Man Records in the Cass Corridor district of the city where he began his career nearly two decades ago. The store will be modeled after the Nashville location where the label's offices are located.

"It's along the lines of what we have in Nashville," said Third Man's Ben Blackwell to the Detroit Free Press. "We're going to do everything we can to re-create that in Detroit."

The store is set to open on Black Friday, November 27th after a deal was made with Tom Kartsosis - founder of retail outlet Shinola, which has been a tenant of the building Third Man will be located.

"Detroit will always be our hometown, by birth and by mindset too," said Blackwell. "We've always wanted to have some sort of presence back here. This was the right time."

Check out White's recently released 3-in-1 video for 'That Black Bat Licorice' below.