Keith Kenniff is a man who wears many musically diverse hats. As Helios, he writes songs that you might hear at a lounge in space a hundred years after we settle Mars. That project leans heavily electronic, while Mint Julep, his collaboration with his wife, Hollie Kenniff, is closer to psych rock. His newest album, though, will be released under his piano-driven alias Goldmund. Occasus comes out this Friday; listen to lead single, 'Bounded', today.

“'Bounded' was a song that started out as more of an experiment. I had recorded a short piano motif on my phone intending it to become an intro to a larger piece to work on, but I ended up just really liking the motif itself as the basis for the piece without building too much on top of it. I wanted to offset the "pretty" nature of this frail piano with something that was dirty and distorted and came up with this synth sound with a soft attack and a harsh delay which was played randomly with no discernible melody, but was experimental while being tonal.” - Keith Kenniff

Two piano keys are the only source of sound in the first five seconds of the new single, unless you count the white noise of silence in the background. The keys ring throughout as the backbone of the track; other spirits immerse themselves in this cloud of electricity, eliciting wavering drone sequences and basslines that move like the universe–already encompassing all of existence, yet constantly expanding. The final few moments provide our only clarity of the world, devoid of the atmospheric beauty we thought we caught before.

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