Meganews Magazines kiosks might just save the print industry from implosion.

These IRL sci-fi autonomous news vendors contain all the day's news and features within their infotainment datacomplex logarithms (probably) and when a customer wants to buy say, their daily copy of The Financial Times, they simply put in their payment card and the kiosk prints it out for them in under two minutes. Fresh, crisp and un-mangled by previous customers' dirty paws. Lovely.

Ultimately, it's hoped this form of news consumption could help to end the massive financial and ecological expense of printing thousands of copies of papers and magazines that never get bought. Each publication uploads their new edition to the computers' remote server and bingo - your nice shiny new reading material is yours for the printing.

The first machines have already been installed in Stockholm, Sweden and its makers hope that as well as the financial and environmental benefits for publishers they offer, the kiosks will also present selling opportunities in places where shops and stalls weren't previously able to be placed.

One question though - if these take over, what will we spend our time flipping through in WHSmiths while we wait for our trains? [via Gizmodo]

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