Sounds like we missed a good one the other week. On Friday 17th October, Desperados put on a nice little party up in the Bussey Building aka Bussey Warehouse, a place that has seen a fair few parties kick off within its sweaty walls. Nights can be pretty standard though, like they're often the same: there's music, there's space, there's a bar. Add them together and you get "a night".

However, Desperados actually made sure their party was literally Next Level (cause that's its name). And it seems the criteria for next level is to let everyone's inner child burst out like a fluffier, definitely more fun and less death-inducing chestburster from Aliens. How? Secret doors and challenges and surprises popping out from each room over multiple levels. Like soft play without the soft but still with loads of fun shit going on. A veritable wonderland of exploration. You could even break through paper walls – something I've actually always wanted to do.

It was curated by Mike Skinner, formerly of The Streets and now pushing things forward with new project The D.O.T, who sought out the talents of Mumdance, Stanton Warriors, LV and the demi-legendary Oxide & Neutrino, amongst others, to make the Next Level party go off. In a good way. "I love what Desperados did," says Skinner, "manipulating time and space to create something unique and original."

Um, when's the next one? Cause I wanna go. Anyway, you can find out more about Desperados and their upcoming events (woop) at their Facebook page.