A Toronto record store called Sonic Boom is offering people the chance to press any sound, song, noise, whatever they like, onto 7" vinyl. That's pretty cool. What's even better is that for a little more money they'll also press any image you want onto the vinyl itself, too, making it doubly customisable and therefore double the fun.

The Facebook page of Monotype Audio Disk Cutting explains:

"Monotype Audio Disks are phonograph records which can play on any record player. We can cut your music onto a disk in just minutes while you wait!"

For $14.99 CAD, which is about £8, you can put up to seven minutes of audio on each side of the record, which plays in mono at 33 rpm. It's all the brainchild of Andy March of Monotype Audio Disk Cutting (also a member of psych band CROSSS), who set up the in-store lathe for the purpose of cutting vinyl for people who want it. It's not just exclusive to Toronto, either: you can order from anywhere in the world. Just email monotypeaudio@gmail.com.

If you do happen to be in the area, you could wander on down and watch the process live from anywhere between 10AM and midnight, Friday to Sunday. You can even rock up and record your own song right there and then, just like this little girl did…

Just cut a #7" of this little girl singing #happybirthday to her dad live off the floor, and I am crying right now.

Posted by Monotype Audio Disk Cutting on Saturday, 4 April 2015