So I guess iTunes is the proprietary platform for streaming albums now? Last week it was the place to hear the new Bowie, and this week it's holding an exclusive listening party for that guy from N*Sync's comeback record (which maybe isn't quite as anticipated as The Next Day, even if they both the performer in question turned out to be pretty good actors and have both had terrible haircuts). You know Justin Timberlake owns MySpace as well, right?

Anyway, you've no doubt already heard The 20/20 Experience if you wanted to, and I don't want to give Apple Corps any more publicity (I know they need it) – but along with the iTunes-less previews below, you should probably listen to the Daughter album on there, too. Just don't tell them I sent you.

Low – The Invisible Way (Drowned In Sound)

They've been putting out the best Mormon-born songs this side of... The Book Of Mormon for a decade now, and yet I don't see advertisements for the new Low album all over the Londerground. Which is a shame, because it's fantastic, like all the rest of them. It's just as thematically and sonically heavy – yet melodically light, the couple at the centre of the band's voices waltzing together like the first dance at a wedding – with a little more clarity and country, with help from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy producing. 'So Blue' might even be their best song since 'Especially Me' aka the best song ever recorded.

Team Ghost – Rituals (DIY)

I've been waiting for this one ever since I got to interview the French noise-new wave-doom-rockers, and it's la peine d'attendre (that's French for 'worth the wait) (I googled it). Whilst their early EPs had a lot more shoegaze to them, Rituals is more about forward motion that atmosphere – although there's plenty of that still – or fuzz – although there's more than enough of that too – and the Joy Division influence is pretty clear on stuff like 'Curtains'. 'Dead Film Star' is still a fantastic dark pop single, like JG Ballard fronting OMD. It's like M83's evil twin.

Colleen Green – Sock It To Me (Stereogum)

She looks like Best Coast, she sounds like Best Coast, but brother, she ain't Best Coast! With the lo-fi sound of Bethany Cosentino's early demos, but with more tunes than noise, Sock It To Me is warm without having caught the Californian sun, confident without being bratty (b), and less obsessed with cats. Quite lovely.

LV – Sebenza Instrumentals (Hyperdub)

If they'd felt like it, Hyperdub could've easily packed off to the Bahamas and lived a life of luxury after they'd broken Burial out of the South London boroughs. Luckily for us they stuck around to release more music by Laurel Halo, Kode9 and LV. This instrumental version of the latter's most recent album chucks out the grime vocals of Okmalumkoolkat and Ruffest and leaves us with a midnight snack of dubstep, chiptune, and every other electronic genre that sounds like your speakers have broken (in a good way).

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