The internets were undoubtedly made for pictures of cats or Ross Kemp folded, everything else is an accident, but a spectacular side effect of kitten-falling- off-a-shed gifs has been the album stream. This new weekly column will round up the best of the album streams out there.

Music sites from across the globe are securing exclusive access to the best new albums, allowing the masses- that’s you- to consume records in full before deciding what to spend your gin money on in a form of liberalised music tendering for times of austerity.

The down side is time. Whether it’s the 9-5 slog, nursing an espresso in a wi-fi hot spot or whimsically staring out of windows on a misty day, time is at a premium and it shouldn’t be spent listening to trash by Italian hardglo-emos (look it up), just to find the gems.

Therefore, each week I will be trolling the latest streams picking the past seven days highlights for your aural pleasure. We know you’re savvy – you read The 405 after all – so we won’t giving you just anything, we’ll only share the best out there. Exciting music you just may learn to love.

Burial- Kindred EP (streamed through

This dropped first thing on a Monday morning, and time stopped; its dark bleakness matching Monday’s despair while the beautiful clear light streaming through the window seasoned the phenomenal broken-garage beats careering towards my heart. The Kindred EP isn’t dubstep, genre’s don’t apply, it’s the sound of the Earth post-coitially flexing. There are only three tracks, but that’s just an excuse to play it again.

Grimes- Visions (streamed through

Claire Boucher’s first LP for 4AD is a perfectly filled with the kind of looping DIY synths only Crystal Castles turning electroclash could manage. Visions’ pulsating Kraftwerk robotics, shimmer across warped Barbie vocals, leaving a juddering bass reverberating across the headphones. A truly remarkable record balancing cheeky electro-wobbles with punching beats on par with El-P’s innovation.

Tindersticks - The Something Rain (streamed through

Even by Tindersticks’ standards The Something Rain is melancholic, yet they manage to breach the confines of maudlin to invent noir-funk. There’s a death march Casio rhumba nested with cinematic muzak, while gentle xylophones hum across distant narration. Surprisingly it’s a fun record –yes really- which illustrates the broad range of Tindersticks’ abilities.

Earth - Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II (streamed through Pitchfork)

Earth’s drone-rock Use Your Illusion only needs five songs for its second instalment, but weaves through more intricacies than Slash has curls. The Seattle legends melodic improvisation could comatose God Speed You Black Emperor, yet they never shy from a good guitar solo, even if they do resemble gritty late 80’s police dramas on, The Rakehell. Read The 405 review.

Tennis- Young and Old (streamed through

If the sheer joy of Tennis’ dream fuzz could be packaged, there would be some very happy Columbians because The Man in city hall would surely ban it. Politicians should be apoplectic at the kids binging on Young And Old’s reinvented Motown melodies which ache with the Concretes’ optimism, and tremolo tiki-bar charm.

Perfume Genius- Put Your Back N 2 It(streamed through The Guardian)

Hike Hadreas’ gentle vocals float somewhere between Antony Hegarty and Sufjan Stevens and once you get past the anaemic piano’s the subtle hope in the songs becomes unavoidable. It bravely introduces percussion and wind to sympathetically accompany it’s tempo without distracting from Hadreas’ ebbing compositions. The range of musical layers is beautifully humbling. Read The 405 review.

Frankie Rose- Interstellar (Streamed through

This colossal slick synth indiepop banishes Rose’s garage history to bathe in a view of the 80’s where The Marine Girls, Duran Duran and Cocteau Twins chill in a Real World style loft, surviving on new wave and clouds. Its otherworldliness is grounded by gentle stomps and glitter ball vocals which casually out-hip any Brooklynite pretenders.

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