This weekend has been a welcome lull. After the excitement of record store day it's the last free weekend until, ooh October, because festival season UK is GO. Live At Leeds, Land Of Kings, Camden Crawl this week, then the 72 hour mayhem of The Great Escape, before I'll Be Your Mirror, Dot To Dot...End Of the Road. Lordy. I'll have a cider if you're asking.

But what is there do those days in-between? Well luckily new albums are relentless, and this week's album streams prove, those rock gods we'll be following haven't stopped so why should we. So check these out, buy the records then go see them live. I'll be there, probably near a Wi-Fi Hotspot and missing the bands, but it's all for you. Now, about that cider.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Aufheben (

Aufheben is a much classier affair. It woozily jettisons through the orient, straight into a psychedelic tiki bar where Emma Peel and Twiggy serve shisha pipes until sunrise. It veers from the bar-room swing of Gaz Hilarant to Clouds Are Lies' musak groove with glorious wonder.

Richard Hawley – Sky's Edge (

Hawley's been listening to Mark Lannegan for his 'rock' album, his voice becoming even deeper than his usual tone. With all but one tracks breaking five minutes, his epic structures and profound quality remain, and it's constantly invigorating. There's a Spiritualized feel to the lush layered effects, yet Hawley can bring in gentle back to earth with the simplicity of Seek It.

Allo Darlin' – Europe (

The world of jangly indiepop is a beautiful one and Allo Darlin' are perfect perpetrators. The airiness of Capronornia's simple guitars are grounded by Elizabeth Morris' wryly embracing vocals, which allow Still Young's melody encapsulate a summers day. There's a gentle everydayness which makes Europe record you feel you've always known and cherished.

Norah Jones – Hey Little World ( )

When I were a lad it definitely wasn't OK to like Norah Jones, but lately her Radio 2 whisper's been adopted by Katie Melua, allowing Jones to become awesome. Her last album was good, but Hey Little World is brilliant. Her skill is avoiding the necessity to be big eyed and twee, instead she dances on her piano while plucking majestic melodies.

Dujeous - Day In Day Out (

This slick hip-hop illustrates how classic rap remains exciting. Rather than pandering the electrap 212 crowd, and ignoring the booty bling posse, Dujeous opt for jazzy G-funk, bringing the west coast to the pulp-bars of NYC. The New Beer Song is Quannum doing the Beastie boys while John Legend's cameo on Pro Life adds a soulful sheen.

Pennywise – All or Nothing (

Recruiting a new singer to their ranks has reignited Pennywise, allowing them to produce their tightest, and best, material since Full Circle. It may have less agro-pop than the material which made them, but gives room for new, energetic c structures to be deployed. They remain guitar driven, political and purely So Cal, but Zoli Teglas has unleashed a new life.

oOoOO – Our Love Is Hurting Us (

I don't like to feature EP's especially one's by bands with shit, lazy and frankly desperate names, yet this San Franciscans' 18 minutes of RnB ambience is enthralling. It's hardly original, The XX and James Blake did the same mardy electro shenanigans a million hipster years ago. But whereas they both sound like a suicidal fridge, oOoOO manages to stay fresh.

Tenacious D –Rize of the Fenix (

To dismiss Tenacious D is to have a black heart, and you're not worthy to listen to music. Their second album is exactly what you expect loud, boorish and as exciting as a six pack a ticket for Slayer at Red Rock. No one cares about any of your hipster-shtick, just rock out already. Mutha-rock n roll, dude.

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