So you've proven how hip and authentic you are after queuing to get limited edition release for Record Store Day, but now it’s time to put it on the shelf to be forgotten about until a conversation about RSD comes up. You may also have been lucky enough to watch Keane live. You helped RSD record a 50 per cent YoY sales increase so you should all applaud yourselves.

But RSD's greatest achievement was the introduction of the indie record store chart. Finally there is a chance to see the albums we love celebrated in a purely physical form. Well done to Alabama Shakes for the first number one. I like to think it’s success was partly due to its appearance in my best album stream run down a couple of weeks ago, so which of this week’s eight are you going to get to the top spot.

Brendan Benson - What Kind of World ( )

Benson has achieved cult status simply by executing perfect indie-rock. What Kind of World sounds more mature and melodic than his previous albums, but he still holds a quirky grip on his axe which the White’s and Mercer’s although more acclaimed, are still only learning. Here in the Headlines is an alt-pop Springseteen and Come On is brilliant college garage.

Damon Albarn – Dr Dee ( )

What to millionaire rock stars on weekends? Make cheese, form Beady Eye or write operas? Well given Albarn’s penchant for expanding his musical comfort zone, a multi layered aural exploration of a 15th century scholar is obvious. Being essentially a soundtrack to the live performance Dr De is limiting, although spellbinding, and is much more enjoy able than a fat man singing about Cornettos.

Mystery Jets – Radlands (

The band who needed their dad’s help to get them going, have gone mature and FM dad rock on their fourth album. You Had Me Hello is classic Eagles, Greatest Hits is Steelers Wheel going mod and Hale Bop is a disco Faces. So 70’s soft county rock the new hip thing on Eel Pie Island then? Who needed punk anyway?

Loudon Wainwright III - Older Than My Old Man Now (

Loudon’s dark and gloomy affair is a much more heartfelt and sincere than, his son, Rufus’ razzmatazz. Written with the realisation he’s now older than his father adds a personal depth, which is darkly jovial in its subtlety. It’s also autobiographically witty: “There was a time when all kinds of women wanted to sleep with me/ there were old ones and young ones and shy ones and it was free.”- 10, Brilliant.

Dandy Warhols – This Machine (

It must be hard for a band no one really cares about any more. They’ve done the skag song, the holiday ditty and a boho’ anthem; so they’ve mellowed while keeping their slacker hearts intact. The Machine sounds like a thrift store cardigan; simple and comforting. There’s a hazy bass-sax swing of 16 Tons and Enjoy Yourself’s cyber- Idol stomp to warrant This Machines attention.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Crown and Treaty (

This musical pudding of off rhythms chorus sing-a-longs and hushed dreams warms you like a fruit crumble with rugged folk oozing soft sweet synth bleeps. It feels indulgent and reassuring. There’s a dazzling variety to the songs while maintaining SBP’s engrained art-house detachment. Brugada may sound a bit like Sting, but he’s cool again right, after Springsteen and Gabriel surely it’s his turn.

Reptar – Body Faucet (

This delightfully breezy Ben Allen produced afro-beat record is a pop bomb, as though Len are jamming with the Rapture. This Athens Georgia band deploy punchy electro gems which refuse to get to clubby, instead opting for sunshine and margaritas like a space age Aztec Camera. They’re an entry level Phoenix for people who like Howler, that’s good by the way.

Camouflage Nights – Camouflage Nights (

Imagine if you crossed Mr Bungle with Panic! At The Disco and THEEsatisfaction and you’re somewhere near. Camouflage Nights is laced with Casio beats and wonky samples all framed in a bedroom Valhalla of brazen electro and Fisher Price melodies. It’s dubby lo-fi funk on Back From The Dead, and stadium OMD during Skies Are Foggy. An endlessly revealing record.

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