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This Will Destroy You are an instrumental band. They play instruments, but don't sing. They can be loud and they can be quiet. Sometimes they tinkle pointlessly and sometimes their songs are melodious and inventive.

This album goes on for 47 minutes. Not much happens for the first few minutes, but then it gets better. At times it's quite boring, but at times it's very good. Some of the songs are better than the others.

This review has been shit so far, but at least you know what Another Language is about and I assume that's what you're here for.

It's perfectly all right, this album. What more do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you which songs are good and which songs are bad? Why would I do that? Listen to the bloody album and decide for yourself. Reviews are not supposed to give you a run-through; "This song sounds like this, then comes this song which sounds like this" is boring and sounds like a press release and I honestly don't care if you buy this album or not, I really don't.

This is what happens when you've listened to an album four or five times and the 'in', the way you'll frame the review, with the silly little story or the simile that baffles everyone but you, gets more and more elusive with every sudden crash of Mogwai-style guitars and percussion. Words to describe an album that you've never heard before, and yet have heard a thousand times before, drift in and out of your mind, always beyond reach as the editor drums his fingers on the table restlessly, tapping at his watch, demanding swift results.

This is This Will Destroy You's third album and they've probably all sounded more or less like this. If you played a song of any of their albums to someone who'd heard each of them four or five times I bet there's little chance they'd be able to tell you which album the track was from. Does that make it bad music? No. For some reason I know that 'You Can't Hurry Love' was on Hello I Must Be Going! but I'd very much rather be listening to This Will Destroy You than anything from Collins' contemptible back catalogue.

It does, however, make it damn hard to write a review of. Explain to me what magnolia paint looks like and help me decide whether to paint my living room with it. Exactly.

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