As Atoms For Peace's new album Amok hit online (free to stream via the band’s website), frontman Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich hit Reddit for a very special AMA.

As you could have guessed, many of questions were about the future of Radiohead after a bevy of rumors were released a few days ago about a new album later this year.

Yorke dodged many of the questions, but did confirm more Atoms For Peace US tour dates and hopes to work with Burial and Four Tet in the near future.

Leaving on a high note, Godrich spoke to some aspiring artists out there, saying, “Enjoy it – making music is a wonderful way to spend your life.. but do it for the love before a career… it’s getting so unforgiving out there – I hate to think of the obstacles in the way now for new artists.. if you love it and you are good, you will be fine.. but be prepared to have to work hard and don’t judge your success by other peoples opinions.. have self belief.”