The latest solo offering from Thom Yorke was released on BitTorrent last month, not simply on a whim, but following a kinda think-tank that involved students from Oxford University. Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (which we quite enjoyed) was released on the peer-to-peer file-sharing service without any interference from record labels, a similarly unique way of releasing music as was seen for Radiohead's 2007 album, In Rainbows, for which fans could pay any price they liked.

Apparently, Mr Yorke had a little help via a consultation with some students of the Saïd Business School, part of Oxford University, in order to do the best he could for his new release. They covered "user experience, media strategy and financial analysis" in a "thorough and insightful document" geared towards Yorke's solo album, whilst also bearing in mind some strategies for the next Radiohead release, too. I wonder if they'll just pop on Twitter and post a download link to the album, like Four Tet did earlier this year; he offered up music he had never released from a bunch of hard drives he was looking through/clearing out. That was fun.

Grab Tomorrow's Modern Boxes if you like. It's $6, with the net cost split 90/10% between Thom Yorke and BitTorrent. Whilst you're here, have a listen to 'A Brain In A Jar', a bustling track taken from the album.