Thom Yorke has pretty strong opinions about a lot of things. Spotify, the UK government, and giving albums away for free are just a few of those, but did you know he's also an advocate for helping men with their sex and marital problems? Well, neither did I, until these recent images from the cover of an Iranian book titled مشکلات جنسی و زناشویی در مردان, meaning "Marital and Sexual Problems in Men" surfaced a few days ago.

According to some Iranian Twitter accounts who own the book, it's been around for three years but has just recently found a new life online. The other two men are unidentified, but I bet they'd be pretty stoked about sharing a cover with the Radiohead frontman.

It appears he's also on a Russian billboard advocating for help curing headaches and insomnia. Thom Yorke: stock photo model? The world may never know.