Many might be justifiably a little wary about Luca Guadagnino's upcoming remake of the Giallo classic Suspiria, but one of the factors that has ensured that excitement is piqued is the fact that Thom Yorke will be providing the soundtrack; it seems like an auspicious pairing.

This is proven further by the first track to be aired from the project, Thom Yorke's main theme for the film, 'Suspirium'. Whereas recent works from Yorke, both solo and with Radiohead, have tended towards the more studio-tastic, built-up sound, 'Suspirium' does away with almost everything other than a plinking piano, Yorke's voice and a ghostly flute. The piano is not rich and resonant, but skeletal and quaint, allowing plenty of space for Yorke's voice and the subtle flute additions to waltz together balletically. Check it out below.

Thom Yorke's full Suspiria soundtrack will be released through XL on October 26th (pre-order here).