Dutch-born artist Thomas Azier has a worldliness that comes shining out through his expressive music. It seems like life is constantly renewing him with enthusiasm; he released his EP Stray this July, but then went on to expand it into a 15-track album of the same name, released just a few weeks ago. The expanded collection shows Azier's fearless desire to incorporate many styles and different types of instrumentation, pulling inspiration from all around him.

One of Stray's highlights is 'Vertigo', a song that incorporates African sounds and swagger, with Thomas Azier showing his capabilities at being a musical magpie while still embossing his own personality on a track. It's no surprise to learn that Stray was created partly in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and the video for 'Vertigo' returns there for an intimate tour of the city guided by local photographer Dadi. Azier picks up on the story of the visual's creation:

"When my brother moved to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) I visited him two times to work on the record what later would become STRAY. Since I was moving around so much my travel studio consisted out of two small speakers, a laptop and a usb microphone. Abidjan turned out to be a very interesting vibrant city with music everywhere, and it reminded me a bit of a tropical Berlin after the wall came down (at least that’s how I imagined it). I composed and produced when I felt like it inviting local musicians to record with us. I also met local photographer Dadi (@nuits_balneares) and we spent time talking and moving through the city. I played him the music that I was working on and there was one song he loved most: Vertigo. I asked him to portray his Abidjan in the video."

Watch the clip for Thomas Azier's 'Vertigo', created by Dadi, below.

The expanded version of Thomas Azier's Stray is out now. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.