Those Who Ride With Giants, the bold and beautiful post-rock project of Sydney, Australia's MJ Callaghan, is preparing the release of a new EP, Vivre. While the record will have six lush and gorgeous tracks that are all worth checking, 'The Ascent' may be the best encapsulation of the EP's detail-oriented composition and lush production.

Evoking Caspar David Friedeich's famous 19th century painting, 'Wanderer above the Sea of Fog,' the video for 'The Ascent' features a very delicately animated vision of a lonesome traveler looking out over a surrealist scene. The visuals perfectly complement Callaghan's expressive atmospherics. He says that the song, which was birthed as an acoustic track before growing into what you hear today, was "created out of joy."

"Increasing the tempo, swapping the acoustic for electric, it needed to have more groove," explains Callaghan. "So I went with what I felt I was hearing and it basically wrote itself. The drums were the hardest part, particularly the first half. I knew what I wanted, yet it still took many weeks to figure out how to do it. I’m glad I persisted as I think it’s a pivotal element of how this song is identified."

You can check out the video for 'The Ascent' up above. The track will officially release around the world on July 20. And be sure to check out Those Who Ride With Giants' upcoming EP, Vivre, when it drops on Aug. 24 via Ostereo Records.