With the release of his new album a month away, the always lovable Mac DeMarco offers listeners ‘All Of Our Yesterdays,’ another delicate cut and the second from Here Comes The Cowboy.

As the song’s title suggests, Mac’s latest is all about wistful remembrance and the inability to move on: “Holding on/An image of a memory/Another song/All Of Our Yesterdays are gone now,” sings DeMarco. While Mac’s sentiment is clearly communicated but vague enough for listeners to impress their own experiences upon, there’s something all too familiar about this. Aside from Mac’s re-threaded message of sentimentality, everything about ‘All Of Our Yesterdays,’ musically, feels overly sluggish and ironically stuck in the past.

Quips aside, the latest cut from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album is still delightfully “Mac DeMarco” and becomes more palatable with replay. With beautiful swathes of yodling guitars swarming the track’s final minute, there is a sense of life dwelling in between the crevices of Mac’s musical platitudes—it’s gasping for air, but the liveliness of his musical charisma is there nonetheless.

Listen to ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’ above and pre-order Here Comes The Cowboy, out May 10.