Fractions Of One Team Up With British Bands For Pakistan Aid Compilation Album
The recent flooding in Pakistan has now become the worst humanitarian disaster facing the world today. Some 20 million people have been affected, and 6 million are in need of urgent assistance. Of the billions of pounds that donor-governments should easily have been able to produce, only 60% has been sent, and things will only get worse until they either wise up or a lot of individuals donate a tiny bit. The lovely folk of Fractions Of One have teamed up with some of their favourite bands and artists to release Get Set, Go. – a compilation of British bands playing for Pakistan. Get Set, Go. contains tracks from Tubelord, Three Trapped Tigers, Internet Forever, Adebisi Shank, worriedaboutsatan, Shoes And Socks Off, Shield Your Eyes, Thom Stone and many more. Many of the tracks are unreleased or rare. And thems some awesome, awesome bands. The compilation is just £5, and is available from HERE. Every single penny raised will go to the Disaster Emergencies Committee Appeal for Pakistan. Aid agencies are currently unable to perform vital work in Pakistan because they are short of cash – so every single purchase will make a difference. The full track listing is as follows. TRACKLISTING: 1. Adebisi Shank – International Dreambeat 2. Shield Your Eyes – Shielder 3. Gallops – Miami Spider 4. Tubelord – Ratchet 5. Common Prayer – Us Vs Them 6. Thom Stone – It’s Only Right 7. Internet Forever – I Don’t Care Who You Did Last Night 8. Coley Park – Hip Hip Hooray 9. Robot Peak Hour – Sushi Suitcase 10. worriedaboutsatan – Heart Monitor 11. Teej – Slow Motion Summit 12. Three Trapped Tigers – 11 13. Shoes And Socks Off – Here’s My Head On A Plate Just wanna commend all the people involved in this and everyone who buys it because every little bit helps. And if lots of people all over the place help a little bit, that helps a lot. Frankly, £5 for most of us is nothing, and when you're getting such good music for it...well, it's like something for nothing.