Thrill Jockey have announced the release of the self-titled record from the The Heads' Simon Price, AKA kandodo. If, like me, you were wondering if name comes from some kangaroo/dodo crossbreed, then you'd be wrong. In fact, it's derived from the name of a Malawian supermarket that he used to shop in back in the late '80s. Price was raised in Zambia and Malawi, so it makes more sense than it may seem at first. The record promises influences from not only these countries themselves, but also from the likes of Kraftwerk, Neu!, Spacemen 3 and even the Stooges. Vast, to say the least.

Everything on the album, from recording to mixing, was done by Price himself on an old second-hand Macbook at home. If you're into your bedroom recordings of the more avant-garde persuasion, then it sounds like there may be a gem of a record heading your way come June. "immersive music meant to be listened to at a loud volume or in the space between headphones," the press release reads. Sounds good to me.