Yonatan Gat is, indisputably, one of the most captivating musicians working today. Named the best guitarist in New York in 2013 by the Village Voice, Gat's career has been on the ups ever since. His eccentric, eclectic music blends his technical proficiency with a love for the avant-garde, free form composition, and punk energy. His upcoming record Universalists, which is due out on May 4, pulls in more world sounds and a chopped-and-screwed aesthetic that yields thrilling results. Look no further than his latest single, 'Cue The Machines,' for the proof.

The track is a cornucopia of sound, full of chanting, thundering drums, and thrilling guitar lines from Gat. It is the song's use of the studio, however, that makes it a real auditory treat. "'Cue the Machines' gave us the idea to use chopped up vocals like another instrument in the band," says Gat.

The song was recorded live, with more than a dash of insanity informing the process as the drum kit apparently nearly toppled over on top of the drummer. "The best way to represent that chaos was to embrace it," says Gat, "creating psychedelic stutters to turn the live band into a rhythmic train-wreck."

You can stream Yonatan Gat's 'Cue The Machines' below, check out his upcoming North American tour dates below, or pre-order Universalists, which is due out on May 4 via Joyful Noise Recordings.

  • 24 April - Sound Hole; Philadelphia, PA
  • 25 April - The Black Cat Backstage; Washington, DC
  • 5 May - Le Poisson Rouge; New York, NY
  • 6 May - Waking Windows Festival; Winooski, VT
  • 9 May - Distorsion Psych Fest; Montreal, QC
  • 10 May - Sneaky Dee's; Toronto, ON
  • 11 May - Happy Dog West; Cleveland, OH
  • 12 May - Outer Limits; Detroit, MI
  • 13 May - State Street Pub; Indianapolis, IN
  • 14 May - The Hideout; Chicago, IL
  • 15 May - Cactus Club; Milwaukee, WI
  • 16 May - Resident; Los Angeles, CA
  • 17 May - Alex's Bar; Long Beach, CA
  • 18 May - The Chapel; San Francisco, CA
  • 19 May - Bunk Bar; Portland, OR
  • 20 May - El Corazon; Seattle, WA
  • 22 May - Astoria; Vancouver, BC