JØUR, the project of Minneapolis' Jourdan Myers, has been building quite a bit of buzz in her hometown for sometime now. But in recent months, Myers has taken her project onto a larger platform as she acquaints the world with her brand of evocative alt-pop. Her latest single, 'Danger Game,' is full of what fans should come to expect from this powerhouse singer.

Featuring a steady backbeat and a shredding guitar line, 'Danger Game' is full of attitude and emotionality from Myers, who seems to always be walking a fine line between soft, subtle delicacy and being pissed as hell. In fact, the lyrics reflect this dichotomy as well.

"This song is about the head versus the heart, and intellect versus emotion," explains Myers. "If given a choice between what is wise and what feels good in the moment, this song is definitely about chasing the feeling and disregarding the consequences."

You can check out 'Danger Game' below.