A bouncing bubblesome pot of beats awaits you in 'Avarice VIP' by London producer Throwing Snow.

It's a heavier, bigger, longer version of the crunchy and perhaps equally distorted 'Avarice', and is as moody as it is wholly danceable, managing to sound like a super-distorted version of the Shifting Sand Land theme from Super Mario 64, it takes you on a subterranean odyssey of crushed-up bass and uzi-quick trance synths, strings rising like nocturnal primeval fear or courage over fear in waves, percussion bristling and thick with shrill cymbals, dusky kicks, insectoid chatterings, like living undergrowth from a nightmare jungle.

This is the VIP version of 'Avarice', the opener and title-track for the EP from which both are taken. It's set to be released 1st December on label Houndstooth and you can pre-order it here.

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