Nearly a decade after former Tunng bandmates Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders last worked together, the duo have reunited to record as Throws. Less of a formal music project, it's two old friends catching up and reconnecting through the joy that comes from creating music together. It isn't nearly as over the top as their previous work, but that doesn't mean it's any less creative or interesting either.

With the exception of songs like 'Silence In Between,' the duo have moved on from the freak-folk of Tunng and have instead turned their attention to exploring everything from eccentric-pop on 'Punch Drunk Sober' and glitchy electronics on 'Bask' to oddball psych experiments on 'Play the Part.'

The eerie spoken-word 'Under the Ice' and the piano-led breakup song 'Sun Gun' sees them moving into more cinematic spaces with breathtaking string arrangements provided by Amiina, coaxing just the right amount of tension and melancholy out of each song. Though it may take a few listens to reveal itself, Throws is a playful and inventive album that reveals little rewarding moments with each spin.