With his latest album Death After Life released earlier this week via Software, Detroit-based producer Ryan McRyhew (aka Thug Entrancer) has shared with us at The 405 his Top 10 Chicago House/Footwork Tracks. So tune in these awesome tracks below and check what McRyhew had to say about them.

1. Phuture - 'Acid Tracks'

'Acid Tracks' is an absolute classic. I could listen to that squelchy TB-303 and pulsing rhythm for days. A serious life changer.

2. Mr. Fingers - 'Can You Feel It'

If you can't feel this, you have no soul. That loose hi-hat paired with that bass line and those driving claps. It melts me. "House music is a universal language, spoke and understood by all." Brilliant.

3. Traxman - 'Buddha Music'

Traxman stitches rapid fire tom fills over this trance like vocal line with such finesse. That snare snap holds it all together like they were always meant to be. It's the urgency to relax and heal.

4. DJ Deeon - '2 B Free'

Dance Mania has been behind so many incredible tracks, '2 B Free' is one of my favourites. I'm not entirely sure why but this song really makes me want to play 'Ecco the Dolphin'.

5. RP Boo - 'Speakers R-4 (Sounds)'

RP Boo is the originator, seriously on another level. His tracks take you on a spiritual journey through sound, he's like the Alejandro Jodorowsky of Footwork. BANG.

6. Adonis - 'We're Rockin Down the House'

The bassline is intoxicating and the claps are so disorienting. This song sounds like the soundtrack to a cyberpunk net run, set to destroy the fabric of the internet.

7. DJ Topcat - 'I Need Weed In My Life'

A quick dark and heavy PSA from DJ Topcat. Excessive weed usage = no VCR but baller rhythms. I think it's a gamble worth taking.

8. DJ Trouble - 'Bangs & Works'

Trouble's tracks have so much complexity and motion. He illustrates a light shining through a shroud of darkness with those emotional string textures. He's taking Footwork and Chicago into new territory with this one.

9. Steve Poindexter - 'Work That Mutha Fucker'

The hook says it all. Who needs a bass line when you're working that drum machine to it's full potential?

10. DJ Rashad - 'Feelin' (feat. Spinn & Taso)'

Rashad has hit new heights with Double Cup. Dialing down those rapid BPMs in lieu of a more soulful sound laced with hints of different dance rhythms. It overcomes genre and becomes something all it's own. 'Feelin'' is a classic Chicago track.