Thundercat, aka Stephen Brenner, dons Native American headgear while on stage. He also used to play bass for thrash band Suicidal Tendencies and released an album described as being made for a daydream-filled summer in 2011, The Golden Age of Apocalypse. Look back on that description of the LA artist and you’ll probably think that something doesn't quite fit…

It doesn't, and that's ok because like his co-sign and producer Flying Lotus, Brainfeeder signee Thundercat is another great genre emulsifier, joining elements of jazz and hip-hop together and producing music that’s exotic but not exploitative; foreign but universally understandable.

He's also proven himself to be a must-see live act, touring with the likes of Erykah Badu and Snoop Dogg. To coincide with the release of his follow up, the aptly titled LP Apocalypse, Thundercat will be the centre of the album's launch party at Shoreditch’s Village Underground on July 13th. Expect guest slots from Throwing Snow, Slugaben and Kutmah also.

Early bird tickets are £10 and Advance tickets are £12.50, so get them while you can and mark your diaries.

Meanwhile, listen to 'Heartbreaks + Setbacks' from Apocalypse: