The follow-up to Thundercat's 2015 mini-album The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam is on its way.

On February 24, he'll release his new album Drunk via Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. It features guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa and more.

To kick off the roll-out, listen to lead single 'Show You The Way,' which features Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald. The full album tracklist can also be found below.

"That song to me is about going down the rabbit hole, taking you to another place," he said. "On the edge of dark, there’s the brightest light. It means a lot to me in the sense of... the experience that I’ve had growing up with friends and people that I’ve been around where it’s inviting them into where I come from emotionally. Sometimes it’s a pretty intense thing. The point is how weird things can get. I feel like it’s very funny that, in a way, of course Michael McDonald and Kenny would be there."

  • Drunk:
  • 01 Rabbot Ho
  • 02 Captain Stupido
  • 03 Uh Uh
  • 04 Bus in These Streets
  • 05 A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II)
  • 06 Lava Lamp
  • 07 Jethro
  • 08 Day & Night
  • 09 Show You The Way [ft. Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins]
  • 10 Walk on By [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
  • 11 Blackkk
  • 12 Tokyo
  • 13 Jameel’s Space Ride
  • 14 Friend Zone
  • 15 Them Changes
  • 16 Where I'm Going
  • 17 Drink Dat [ft. Wiz Khalifa]
  • 18 Inferno
  • 19 I Am Crazy
  • 20 3AM
  • 21 Drunk
  • 22 The Turn Down [ft. Pharrell]
  • 23 DUI