Album: Split EP Link:  I thought it would be an interesting idea to review this EP due to the fact that a very long time ago I was really into my Emo, particularly Thursday. I felt it would be a good angle to review a band I used to like and haven't heard in years just to see what my opinion on them is like now. As for Envy up until this point I hadn't heard a single song from this Japanese experimental band before so they would be a new discovery! So what happened? Well as for Thursday, who had four songs on this EP, they sounded immense. Just like the Thursday I remembered before they lost their way. It harked back to the fast and urgent Thursday I loved as a teenage, especially on 'An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace'. The inclusion of the piano on 'In Silence' and 'Appeared And Was Gone' was a great touch too, as well as the post-rock influence on both of those tracks. As for Envy, I found them to be a bit hit and miss. Their first offering 'An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction' is a really epic, Mono inspired song but with a really pointless outro full of shouting and screaming which really detracted from the rest of the song, which up to the point was great. Their next song 'Isolation Of A Light Source' was a brutal wall of sound which musically was great but got a bit too much towards the end in terms of vocals. Their final track was pretty good though as it left 'hardcore' territory and entered more into the epic/destruction territory they seem to be pretty good at. For me Thursday have come out on top here. The simple reason why is they've somehow taken the best elements of Envy's style and incorporated into their own music, which has only made them better. Whereas Envy seem to take the worst elements of Thursday and not really benefited from it at all. Thursday 4.5/5 Envy 3.5/5