Ticketmaster have been cleared of charges over a complaint received regarding the availability of tickets for a Cure concert. It all happened a couple of months ago when fans trying to buy tickets for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on March 28th found there were none available; the site directed them towards more expensive tickets from an online ticket marketplace owned by Ticketmaster itself.

A formal complaint was then made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), claiming that the offers made by Ticketmaster were misleading. The company said it was allocated only a small portion of the total amount of tickets, and that these tickets had been available to purchase from the website and call centre from January 31st, 9:30 am. Ticketmaster added that over three-quarters of the tickets had already been sold 15 minutes after their release, with the remaining ones either being sold by the call centre or placed in the customers' online shopping baskets.

Given this, ASA declared itself "satisfied that the evidence supplied indicated that tickets for the concert had been available through Ticketmaster from 9:30 am on 31 January and had been sold by that company directly to individual customers."

Source: MusicWeek