Apple Music recently announced that its number of paying subscribers, i.e. those who had forgotten to opt out of continuing past the free trial (I'm joking), had reached 6.5 million; added to its 8 million non-paying subscribers, i.e. free-trial users, there are almost 15 million.

On the other hand, Spotify has 20 million. It is winning the proverbial race.

And it was just revealed that Tidal, Jay Z's artist-owned, high-quality audio streaming service, has only just surpassed the 1 million users mark. This means that it's trailing behind everyone, despite its celebritous connections and constant namedrops.

Peter Alhadeff, music and business management professor at Berklee College of Music, put it well:

"No one is going to join a site just because famous artists own it for the same reason that no label can succeed selling music from its own website."