Update: Tidal have been sending out the following email regarding the glitch:

Hello, Our records indicate you purchased Kanye West's 'THE LIFE OF PABLO', and did not receive the album. A partial version of the album is available for streaming on TIDAL.com, but the download is currently not available. The final version of the album will be released in the next several days. Upon the new release, we will send you a download of 'THE LIFE OF PABLO' to this email address. However, if you would like a refund, please respond directly to this email and our customer support team will assist you.

Original Story

Tidal's Twitter feed has been flooded with requests for refunds of Kanye's album. A lengthy reddit thread is discussing how the streaming service has taken thousands of people's money for a download of Kanye West's new album The Life of Pablo, without giving them the album or answering their help and support tickets.

Due to an apparent glitch in the payment section of their website, a ton of people paid for Ye's new album and were never sent a link to download the album, while apparently Tidal's support staff offered zero help.

Take a look at the entire thread here.

With Kanye tweeting that it will "never be sale" - a lot of people are probably wishing that the rollout for the album was a lot smoother.

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