Is Tidal trying to become all things to all people too quickly? Maybe. It's just taken its first step into another area of our multimedia world: TV. Though they've yet to master the music side of things, apparently spreading yourself thin over two different sectors is the way it's going, effusing that same work-in-progress vibe that's been there from the well populated launch.

The Hollywood Reporter has stated that Jay Z's streaming service has commissioned two new series: stand-up comedy show No Small Talk, hosted by DJ Cipha Sounds, as well as the second series of Money & Violence, a Brooklyn-based drama originally launched on YouTube. These new additions to Tidal will join the ranks of a few short films and livestreams of past events.

"I didn’t want it to feel polished like the stand-up specials you see on TV," said Cipha. "My goal is to help new guys get known, like Def Comedy Jam set up a lot of people’s careers." Each episode of No Small Talk will be filmed at Manhattan's Comedy Cellar and will feature performances from three up-and-coming comedians.

Tim Riley, Tidal's senior VP artist and label relations, said: "If someone is paying for Tidal, we want that to be the best experience they can have." It's a nice idea, but whether or not it will be viable for Tidal to continue branching off into different forms of media whilst still struggling with music. They've only just hit 1 million subscribers; that's small in terms of Spotify's 20 million and even smaller compared to Apple Music's 6.5 million, which were gained in a shorter time period than Tidal's.