With their debut EP out on May 11th via London/Vancouver indie label XVI Records, R&B duo Tidelines have put together a playlist for The 405 that combines their most influential (and plain favourite) sounds with a pretty universal theme: "Love is honest, a mirror held within a deep chasm. It is a tearing honesty. It is both violent and tender; proud and awkward; a joining and a divide."

1. Mica Levi - 'Love'

2. Grouper - 'Alien Observer'

3. Jam City - 'Proud'

4. Frank Ocean - 'Memrise'

5. Inga Copeland (feat. Actress) — 'Advice To Young Girls'

6. Andy Stott - 'Violence'

7. Vessel - 'Red Sex'

8. Arca - 'Failed'

9. Bjork - 'Lionsong'

10. Níomi Eve - 'Love Is'