When an artist arrives on a particularly inspired, impactful concept, it can often feel a shame they don't spend more time there. With audiences (or, at least, critics) expecting evolution, it's certainly understandable, but it can still feel like an opportunity missed.

When Tim Hecker linked up with members of Tokyo Gakuso for last year's Konoyo, the Japanese influence and sound proved to provide for own of the most inspired moments of his already impactful career.

Luckily for us, he wasn't quick to leave that space. Recorded during the same time period as his last LP, Anoyo ( translated as 'the world over there'), is due to arrive this May. While the songs may have been birthed during the same sessions, they take on a decidedly different mood, starker, arguably moodier, and closer to the earth.

Hecker has long dabbled with ambient, but his music has perhaps never been more barren, and combined with improvisational sessions of traditional gagaku interplay, he's never come closer to capturing a lost world via his work.

Check out single, 'You Never Were', below, and look out for Anoyo on May 10th.