Fans of Tim & Eric and Tim & Eric's Bedtimes Stories - bastions of Adult Swim's live action cult comedy world - are probably well aware that comedian/actor Tim Heidecker often dabbles in music. Whether its for his aforementioned television shows, web series, and multiple albums with musician Davin Wood (under the title Heidecker & Wood), Heidecker's affinity for reaching into genuine music seemed somewhat inevitable. This May, that vision will be realized with the debut of In Glendale, courtesy of Foxygen member Jonathan Rado's Jagjaguwar imprint Rado Records.

While the distinction of In Glendale is its surprising honesty, that isn't to say that the comedic element is completely absent from Heidecker's new work. The songs, as evident in the title track below, are fully cognizant of '70s West coast style bar rock. It's a bit cheeky, especially for those unaware of Heidecker's aesthetic flare, but for fans following his career it isn't the least bit off his regular trajectory.

Check out the debut video for the title track below and order In Glendale today via Heidecker's website and Amazon. The album officially arrives May 20th.

Check out the tracklist below:

  • 1. In Glendale
  • 2. Cleaning Up The Dog Shit
  • 3. Work From Home
  • 4. Ghost In My Bed
  • 5. Good Looking Babies
  • 6. When The Cash Runs Out
  • 7. I Dare You To Watch Me Sleep
  • 8. Central Air
  • 9. I Saw Nicolas Cage
  • 10. Ocean's Too Cold