This October we were lucky enough to be asked to support Cherry Ghost on their UK tour. We had an absolutely brilliant time and so have put together this mainly pictorial blog to give you an insight into the adventures we had. Before setting off in our trusty car some expert packing was required. Tim actually rather enjoys doing this. It's like a grown-up version of Tetris. We kicked off the tour at the Komedia in Brighton - a fantastic venue situated in the North Laines. Here we are mid sound check. We thoroughly enjoyed playing our set that evening for a few reasons. Firstly, the addition of Rhys, our very own sound engineer, meant that our monitors and general sound were managed beautifully. Secondly, we played to a very full and appreciative room of people who were extremely complimentary afterwards. Things were definitely off to a good start! We also very much enjoyed watching Cherry Ghost in action for the first time. After the Komedia show we had a day off to spend in Brighton - a real treat. We had a super day which included a round of mini golf and a spot of beach therapy. After a lovely stay overnight with Tim's uncle, we headed to our next destination: Exeter. That evening we were to play at the Cavern, a venue we had been to before. Here's Cherry Ghost soundchecking: Again we enjoyed playing even though things were rather more rushed than Brighton and the stage substantially smaller! We then drove to Jamie's parents house in Napton - a lovely idyllic village near Rugby. After a good sleep we set off to Hatfield, the location of our next gig. The event took place within the University of Hertforshire in a brand new building teaming with students full of the excitement of freshers - quite a bizarre environment. - Show quoted text - Our next stop was The Globe in Cardiff. Rhys working his sound engineering magic: Next we had a day off in Napton to recharge our batteries and drink plenty of tea. Then it was off to the Guildhall in Gloucester. This show turned out to be a highlight of the tour as we all enjoyed it so much. The venue itself was beautiful and brilliantly kitted out - we even had the luxury of our own monitor engineer. We were treated to a hot meal and a lovely dressing room and our set went down very well indeed. The Fibbers in York was our next port of call. Before sound check we had a little walk around the town. We had a good and lively reception from the crowd and for once people were able to get so close to Tim that they could witness the magic of the loop station first hand. Here's a picture of Cherry Ghost's set: Next was the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham - a super venue that has hosted many brilliant acts. Here's a picture of us in action thanks to a friend of Rhys: Yet again we had a great time performing our set and did so to a good crowd. We had some memorable and lovely comments from those kind people who bought things. That evening we had a particularly large amount of water on our rider, which prompted this amusing picture: The next stop on the tour was Milton Keynes, which is very close indeed to Napton. This meant we had a morning to enjoy the countryside surrounding Jamie's parent's house. After a rather nice jolly we headed off to the venue which was called The Stables. On arrival we were immediately impressed by the size and layout. This gig turned out to be a real favourite. We went on slightly earlier than previous nights and played an extended set with a stripped down, intimate section in the middle. The audience were extremely quiet and attentive and we received a fantastic response after we'd played. Definitely a night we'll remember. Our next location on the tour was the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, another venue we have been to previously. Tim was particularly excited about this show due to the presence of snooker and pool tables. He managed to fit a game in with Phill, Cherry Ghost's bassist between sound checks. The crowd at this show were a little more vocal and jovial than in Milton Keynes, but we still received a good reaction. After a day off with home comforts we were back on the road, this time to the Academy in Sheffield. Here are some dressing room antics: and a snapshot of the venue whilst Cherry Ghost were performing: From one Academy to another! The next venue was the Academy in Birmingham. This gig also stood out as a particularly good one for us - we had a great feeling whilst playing the set and people were very complimentary afterwards. A photo of Simon which Tim is particularly proud of from that evening: After Birmingham we returned home to Tim and Sam headquarters for a weekend off and to set ourselves up for the last stint of the tour. By this time we were feeling tired but as we were having such a brilliant time we didn't mind one bit. Glasgow was the next port of call - quite a substantial drive from North Wales. Needless to say our bottoms were a little numb on arrival at the ABC. That evening we spiced things up a bit by playing a couple of more stripped back songs. The gig was made particularly enjoyable by the presence of a previous Tim and Sam member, Kathryn, who is now studying in Edinburgh. We have her to thank for the following picture of us playing: After the gig we tucked into a rather delicious meal from 'Wok to Walk' situated next door to the venue. We then drove to our first and only Travelodge of tour, near Carlisle for a good kip. Here we are in the morning: We went in search of nourishment on the way to Newcastle, our next destination. We stumbled upon a lovely cafe/shop called the Village Bakery and treated ourselves to some tasty morsels and a stroll: Then onto the Academy: The Newcastle folk we played to were very lovely indeed after the show, and some extremely nice things were said. The whole evening had a lively, joyful feel about it. The same could not be said for the drive home however! The next day we took a short break from touring with Cherry Ghost to play a Manchester gig organised by Tom Robinson of 6Music as part of the In the City festival. Here we are crashing out at Rhys's flat after sound check: The next day we popped up the m6 to Preston to play the penultimate show of the CG tour. It took place at 53 degrees, a rather swish venue that's part of the university. The last gig of the tour took place at a sold out Academy 2 - we had all been very much looking forward to this one. We've seen some of our favourite acts here over the years so it was a real privilege to perform on the same stage, and to work with such efficient and professional staff. We had an absolutely fantastic time playing our set, although we couldn't help but feel a slight sense of sadness as we left the stage knowing that was our last time of sharing the stage with Cherry Ghost. They performed a truly brilliant set that evening. Here we are in action: Definitely one we'll always remember. After the show we celebrated with a group photo and some drinks at the Deaf Institute on Oxford Road: Three weeks thoroughly enjoyed. Huge thanks to Cherry Ghost for the opportunity, and to Rhys for providing us with wonderful sound every night. A massive thank you too to everyone who came down early enough to see us and to those of you that bought a CD/ Vinyl/ T-shirt - it really means a lot and will help us massively with recording and releasing our new material. You can visit the band by heading to