Seriously, all jokes aside, Tim Westwood has been a huge booster in the UK hip-hop and rap scene over the past *mumble*teen years. It's nearly twenty. We didn't want you to feel old.

After announcing his departure from Radio 1 earlier this year, we're happy to report that the big dog himself is going to continue dropping the bomb over at Global's Choice FM starting next week.

He said of his move: "I got my big break courtesy of Richard Park. He gave me my first job at Capital FM. So, right now, this is not the end of an era - it's another chapter. It's an exciting chapter." "I'm moving to Choice FM which is a station I want to be part of and it's a natural home for me. I'm back with Richard Park. He's hired me again. Much love to Richard. I couldn't do this without you. So, from next Saturday at 9-11pm I'll be on Choice FM blasting off crazy in London."

And what does Mr Park say about all of this? "Tim Westwood is a true pioneer of the music and radio industry in this country. He is the undoubted king of urban and hip hop in the UK and we are thrilled to welcome him to Global and Choice FM."

Listen to the brand new Tim Westwood show from Saturday 28th September, 9-11pm. Stick a fork in it.

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