The other week we shared a teaser video for Life Swaps, a project by Timberland (in association with Vice), in which London-dweller Sam Smith (not the singer, but the editor of Breaks Magazine) swapped lives with Marc Marro, a Barcelona-based furniture designer. This saw Mr Smith literally replacing Marc in his day-to-day life, going to Spain and doing Spanish things like playing football and eating dinner much later than the actually-quite-early-if-you-think-about-it British standard of 5pm.

Reacquaint yourself with that video below.

But what about Marc Marro? For what has he exchanged his Mediterranean home?

For London, that's what. And that is the subject of Part 1 of Timberland's Life Swaps. You can see at the beginning of the video that they leave notes for each other, a kind of step-by-step guide of how to experience living life as the note-leaver lives it himself. Marc navigates the tube and is greeted by London's rainy weather.

"Everywhere you go, you find something special to surprise you," says Marc about the higgledy-piggledy nature of London. Here, he meets the guys from the magazine Sam Smith edits, has a BBQ in the park, wanders about Broadway Market, spends time in a pub. Usual London business.

In Part 2 (below), you'll see that Marc goes – actually rides, on a bicycle – to Sam Smith's local barbershop for a beard groom; it is a lustrous beard so we totally approve of this TLC. After this there's Marc has his portrait taken and then winds down with a spot of urban fishing in Regent's Canal.

Throughout you'll notice the hashtag #inmyelement, something that you can use to tag all the favourite spots of your city and to tell the world what your element is, where life is lived and fun is had in your local area – just as Marc and Sam have done. Including these two guys there are four other Life Swappers; with more parts to this series on the way, the #inmyelement story is unfolding, so why not go check out how the Life Swappers are getting along?.