In a triumph for globalisation, German-born Timo Maas and Canada-native but Ecuador resident James Teej have teamed up to release a remix of 'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five,' a B-side by Paul McCartney & Wings from 1974.

The track was originally put out as a white label vinyl pressing of 300, all of which sold out very quickly. The records initially were sold by Phonica Records for £7.99, but started selling on eBay for as much as £275.

Maas and Teej released the remix anonymously, but soon claimed responsibility and revealed that McCartney had in fact approved of the remix after they sent it to him in 2015. "After a few weeks we finally heard the news that Paul had gotten a chance to hear our version," Teej told NME. "He thought it was very cool and gave us a green light to put the record out. That will forever be the biggest moment of my music career and words can't express how it felt to have him personally approve the remix."

The remix seems to be an effortless blend of the original tune's brilliant groove and the electronic dance sensibilities of Maas and Teej. The resulting product is a magnificently revamped product, giving new life to an underappreciated cut from Macca's discography.

'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five' is streaming now, and is also available through Virgin Records.