"Christian Bale; American Psycho, Batman Begins, is to play the rebel leader John Connor in three sequels to the Terminator franchise, its producers have revealed. Bale has already started shooting the first of those films,Terminator Salvation: The Future Begin which is due to be released on 22 May 2009. US rap star Common will also have a lead role in the film. The producers would not reveal whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would reprise his role as the Terminator. Nor would they discuss character names or plot details." - BBC My thoughts - This is bad, this is really bad. There aren't that many films from the era of the Terminator that have surpassed their trilogies. Rambo buried his knife after the 3rd film, until returning recently to wreak havoc once again in Burma. Predator finished after it's sequel. Aliens is best known for its haunting trilogy, even if in total Alien Ressurection brings it to 4 movies, the 4th was still pretty good (With an honrable mention to Mr.Indianna Jones.) Though the Aliens Vs Predator series is avoidable at all costs there's still only a total of two movies. The only exception is of course Star Wars, with 6 films in total, all of which are brilliant. There is also the 6 Rocky films that got made, but i slept through them all. But Terminator? Terminator needs 6 films under its saving the world from another tech up-date, McAfee Firewalled gun slinging belt? Really? I mean, Terminator 3 was pushing it at best and Kristanna Loken was there simply to make it all a lot easier to sit through. T1 and T2 will never be beaten, not in terms of violence, not in terms of story, cast (in respect to one of my favorite actors Ed Furlong) or hell even dialog and I'm pointing straight at Conan the mayor of Cali when i say that! Although the more i think about it the more i seem to be intrigued as to what the next 3 films are going to involve in terms of a story line, considering they've done everything already. I'm disheartened by the choice of Christian Bale and no Linda Hamilton. After that Matrix knock off Equilibrium, Gale should be filling out forms at the job office. But i guess i have a whole year yet to dwell over robotic world domination. You all knew this was coming... I'll be back!