Tin Foil Astronaut are an act led by Max Taylor, who is driven by sci-fi tinged dreams, as you might expect from the moniker, but bound to reality by the gravity of a humble life in the Kent countryside. Their new song 'Without a Sound' is the perfect distillation of these influences into a wonderfully yearning song to which we can all relate.

Expanding further on the theme of the new track, Taylor says "the idea for the song came from imagining what it would feel like to be completely lost in space, and the freedom that can come from disconnecting from everything once in a while. Written on an acoustic guitar in a damp and dingy basement, the song's origin is quite a contrast to its theme."

The sound of the song is also a contrast to the idea of a dingy basement, because 'Without a Sound' is a broad and open-armed track, where Taylor is seemingly searching the skies in the hope of some meaningful contact. The mingled loneliness and hopefulness inside him is played wonderfully in the track, where bounding guitars and shining synths illuminate his desires, contorting them into an anthemic hook. Aurally, it's as though he's pinning his desires to his guitar and blasting them off into the stratosphere in the fiery conclusion of the track, just hoping that someone somewhere will return his signal.

The video for 'Without a Sound' approaches similar themes in a different way. The short film, made by George Warren, Ieuan Lewis, Stephen Pelling and Matt Tomlinson, stars Matt Tomlinson as he traipses half-asleep through the wilderness in his pyjamas, only to be confronted with an unexpected visitor... watch below.

Tin Foil Astronaut plays London's Servant Jazz Quarters this Monday, August 5th - grab tickets here.

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