Fans of Tinashe have been waiting forever and a day for her to release her sophomore album, Joyride. And it looks like they'll still have to wait a little while longer. But there is some good news, as Tinashe has decided to release a new mixtape as a prelude to the forthcoming album. And NIGHTR1DE will be filled with mostly new material.

Find the tracklist, which includes previously released songs 'Company' and 'Ride Of Your Life,' below. Unfortunately, there's still no official release date but it's believed that the project will drop tomorrow.

  • 1."Lucid Dreaming"
  • 2. "C'est La Vie"
  • 3."Sunburn"
  • 4."Binural Test"
  • 5. "Sacrifices"
  • 6. "Company"
  • 7. "Soul Glitch"
  • 8. "You Don't Know Me"
  • 9. "Spacetime"
  • 10. "High Speed Chase"
  • 11. "Ride Of Your Life"
  • 12. "Party Favors"
  • 13. "You Can Stay Here Tonight"
  • 14. "Touch Pass"
  • 15. "Ghetto Boy"