Few bands should excite listeners more than Tiny Deaths. With a sound not unlike groups like Purity Ring or Minneapolis counterparts Poliça, Tiny Deaths' Grant Cutler masterminds the group's lush and brooding soundscapes, while Claire de Lune's gorgeous, ethereal voice lends the songs a poignancy and power. The group's 2017 debut, Elegies, was a masterclass in atmospheric dream pop. With a follow-up on the horizon, Tiny Deaths is beginning to trickle out new music, including the stupendous new single 'Us.'

Starting with little more than some warbly synths and drum machine, 'Us' quickly bursts forth with a punchy synth line, as well as a pointed vocal performance from de Lune. For someone with such an airy voice, she certainly can pack a lot of heat.

Her lyrics do not scratch at the surface of her frustrations, so much as they stab at them, delivering biting and incisive commentary. The issues of communication and openness in a relationship are a tale as old as time, but de Lune's exquisite vocals and Cutler's foreboding production send 'Us' generate a hypnotic feeling. Few songs are this poignant and this listenable.

You can check out Tiny Deaths' 'Us' up above, and be sure to be on the look out for more information about the band's forthcoming LP, Magic, which is due out on Sept. 21.