When you've been dancing outside all night, whether it's in the woods, a quarry, a patch of common land by a river somewhere - it doesn't matter where - when you've been dancing all night at some point you'll realise how strange it is to be alive.

You have to stop to notice how far you have strayed from your comfort zone, but when you do, everything feels alien. Every body part is just a thought away from movement but who forgot to function, who lost the keys, why is everything damp. I guess if you keep pushing onwards, regardless, relentless, it takes a passage of time to regain some form of equilibrium.

Tiny Fingers sound like the moment you realise that you haven't been in control. They sound like a thousand epiphanies, wrapped in vibes, coated in dust, and plastered in the dead language of our ancestors onto the inside of our skulls.

You can stream their album below. It is released on Friday, here.